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New diverse emojis hitting the next iOS update. The Apple developers are getting a sneak peak at the new emojis. This new feature should please many users who have been pushing for a more diverse emojis with a range of skin tones for the human characters.

It is said once you update your Apple products, you will be able to click and hold down the emoji and choose from six different color options.

Along with the new color emojis, there will also be a few more features of emojis. Those include, a new set of families that cover homosexually, various pairings of children, and more country flags.

The six changes in the skin tones comes from the Fitzpatrick scale, which is a standard for dermatology.

Apple will also run its first public beta program for iOS that will take place next month. They want a variety of 100,000 people to test it out and hopefully fight off bugs with everyone testing and using iOS 8.3.

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