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Microsoft Project Spartan Review – What Is Microsoft’s Project Spartan – What does Microsoft’s Project Spartan Do | BVA INC Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Project Spartan


In Windows 10, you can now test drive Microsoft’s new Project Spartan. Here is a little peek at what Project Spartan will bring.

Windows users can now access the new browser which will be released and ready to use later this year. With Project Spartan, “It is designed to work the way you do, with features enabling you to do cool things like write or type on a webpage”, Joe Belfiore said, who is corporate vice president of Microsoft’s operating system group. It is easy to share, read and discover on the web. Another cool feature is that there is a reading list which is a collection of everything you want to catch up on without having to going through a different app to access your library

There are plenty of people excited and cant wait to be able to access the new browser. New features are available you cant do with other web browsers. You can now circle important text on web pages and also start typing on the screen as soon in the vide.

Keep an eye out to find out when Project Spartan will fully launch and be able to use.

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