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Are you aware of blind spots in your network?

So let’s say you are an owner of a large local bakery and one of your employees stole one of your famous recipes, and there are three exits for your bakery. You have a security guard at each exit to search each employee that leave the premises. So you would be certain to who stole your famous recipe right?

Now say that the security guards lack at doing their job right. They just check each employee’s pockets and make sure they don’t have any papers in their hands. But what about the employees who come to work with a bag or a purse. Would you be certain they would catch the thief who stole your recipe?

The life inside the enterprise network is very similar to the story above. You think you have the tools to protect what is going on in your network but it is lacking some of the important rules.

Consider the following:

  1. There is an expanding amount of websites that compelling SSL by default.
  2. There is a report that NSS Labs announced that 25% to 35% of the ongoing traffic enterprise networks is SSL-encrypted.

There is so much ongoing traffic that you have to make sure you are secure at all times. If your security guards don’t do their job right, who will.

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