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Apple devices


Apple uses the 4 pillars for mobile security to protect. Protecting against threats is always going to be an ongoing battle with threats. Attackers always have a plan on what to do and how to do it. They are also changing up their game plan to find different ways to attack our phones and computers.

Here are the 4 pillars that Apples uses for mobile security:

  1. Data at rest-File Vault, for Mac is a feature in the OS X. This protects the data without hurting the system performance or battery life. It is a hardware that encrypts data at rest that is enable by default.
  2. Data in transit- To secure data in transit, Apple devices can connect via VPN to secure it. There is also no additional software required to take advantage.
  3. Application security- Apples reviews all software that is submitted to the App Store and find any malware. OS X and iOS are built to reject any software that lacks a signature.
  4. Patching- Ever since computers, all software have some bugs or defects. With these defects and bugs, attackers can use it to get the information they need.

Apple has recently up their security features with the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. They have been known for their designs and intuitive functionality. With the looks, you also have to have the security to make sure you’re protected. Apples offers a combination of ease of use, privacy controls, and great IT security. What is better than that?