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Coming up in the new year of 2015, there will be some new gadgets hitting the market. These gadgets aren’t just any new gadgets, they are one that could possibly change the world. I will give you the rundown of 4 of these new gadgets coming up this year.

First is the Amazon Echo. This new gadget started to ship out right before Christmas and the price for the Amazon Echo will be $99.00 for Amazon Prime members and $199.00 for non-Amazon Prime members. Amazon Echo is like Siri in a can but goes by the name Alexa. It is like your own personal digital assistant. You can ask it any questions and make any requests and she will follow. She is also a speaker for music.

Polaroid Socialmatic is the next new gadget. This one is already shipping out with a price of $299. If you are on Instagram, you might love this Polaroid Socialmatic. It can print out any picture that you take. It is not officially licensed by Instagram but the logo brought it to life looking like the Instagram logo. You can also find this one on Amazon.

JIBO, a Teddy Ruxpin meets The Jetsons. JIBO will answer any of your questions as well as request to look up any information on the internet. Another pro about this JIBO, it also takes pictures and videos, and don’t forget it will express itself with emoticon graphics through its screen and moving its body and head. JIBO is running for $599 for the home edition and $699 for the developer edition and should be releasing in Q3 of 2015.

For the gamers out there, you might have heard of this one before. It is the Oculus Rift, a headset designed specifically for video games and can even change the way you think about games forever. With the ship date in November and the price between $200 to $400. This has been worked on for the past 3 years. So, keep your eyes out for the next new headset coming out this year.

For the people who are Apple supporters, if you have not heard yet about the IWatch coming out, keep an eye out because it will be shipping out in April of this year starting at $349. A rumor is heard that the battery life is only 2.5 hours, but it is not for sure. Doing pretty much what you IPhone does, listen to music, using your GPS, taking pictures and much more. A watch that is a bit more than a watch is a great for those who want quick information and notifications, right at your fingertips.

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