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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Are you more of an Apple supporter or an Android supporter? Depending on which supporter you are, you might be on the lookout every time a new product is coming out. Well, Samsung will be coming out with a new and updated android. The Samsung galaxy S6 Edge, and it might just be the coolest Android phone ever.

The new Android will be a slick and metallic powerful device. There are many of rumors of how the new Samsung S6 Edge would look as well as preform. As far as the looks go, the Samsung S6 Edge will be upgrading their look to a more firm and metal look rather than the flimsy-feeling look.

For the screen, rumors are the screen will be anywhere from 5 and 5.5-inches. It is also heard that the S6 Edge will have cured edges. A more different look than usual, but it is not a bad thing. Separating themselves from the controversy with Apple.

DongHoon Jang, Samsung’s VP and also head of camera research group voiced that Samsung is working on a camera that will provide images as close as possible to what you see.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S5 software should be similar. The Galaxy S6 Edge custom interface is rumored to be a considerable improvement from the Galaxy S5. With Samsung’s apps S Health and S Voice will now be option to download rather than obligatory icons.

This big and great improvement for Samsung should be announced more towards March or April. So, for all those Samsung Galaxy lovers you should be watching out for the new product and get your hands on the new and improved Galaxy.

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