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9 Tech Gifts Under 50 Dollars! | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT –

Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for your tech savy friend but strapped for cash?! Here are nine gift ideas under $50 dollars! First is the Amazon Fire TV Stick for $39.00 you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and so much more! Second is the Misfit Flash, a wearable entry-level activity tracker for just $56.95. Third is the Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse for $26.99 you have an ambidextrous mouse design with solid performance. Fourth is the Kingston Data Traveler MicroDuo USB Flash Drive for $18.40 you get a 32gb thumb drive with usb and microusb connections that allows you to seamlessly transfer data from your phone to your computer. Fifth is the YubiKey New for $50.00 at Amazon, this devices creates and stores one-time passwords for multiple sites. Sixth is Amazon Basics Bluetooth Keyboard for $25.99 for that friend who’s tired of trying to type on a touchscreen tablet. The seventh gift idea is the JBL Clip for $44.95, this rechargeable Bluetooth clipon speaker is perfect for your active friend who could use some motivating music while hiking or biking! Eighth is the Morphie Power Resevere for $49.95 this rechargeable and portable battery pack will charge your dying iPhone when you are out and about. Ninth is the Jabra Style AE Hands-Free Wireless Headset for $31.30 for your friend on the go who needs both hands free. All of these great items can be found on Amazon for a great low price! Happy shopping!