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Top Myths About Cloud Computing| BVA INC. emPowering Your IT –

Cloud computing can be a difficult term to understand fully, particularly since it consists of technology in its relative infancy.

To help, here is the truth behind three common myths about cloud computing.

Everything in your network should move to the cloud. While enterprises are moving more and more IT to the cloud, most organizations combine outsourced cloud-based services with traditional on-premise applications and infrastructure.

The cloud is not secure. For the most part, cloud computing houses your data in enterprise-grade datacenters with cutting-edge security. This is typically more secure than the protection small and medium businesses can afford in-house.

You should use cloud computing to save money. It is true that cloud computing can help reduce your overheads, but not always in terms of hardware power and resources. In reality, the cloud’s biggest cost savings come from eliminating the need for your own expensive management expertise.