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How To Setup Mac Mail on Office 365 – Apple Mail | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT –

AppleMailSetupIf you are a Mac owner and have the OS X update that comes with Mac Mail on Office 365, keep reading for instructions on how to set it up on your computer or laptop. The process is very simple, first you open your Apple Mail. If you have not already set Apple Mail up a wizard will pop up and guide you through the setup. Once your Apple Mail is setup you will need to add a new account. Go to the Mail menu click on preferences, then on Accounts. You will then see a plus sign at the bottom of the list that will allow you to add a new account. Under the “Add Account” box type in your name, full UMB email address, and your UMB password. Then click continue. Mail will then set you up for an Exchange account by finding the server online, if it does then you are done with the setup! If Mail cannot find your server then you may need to set it up manually. Make Exchange your account type and access the document How to Determine Your Exchange Server Address. For more information click on this link.