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DisplayPort 1.3 | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

displayport 1.3In today’s technology display resolution is key for everyone sitting in front of a computer.  Monitors and computers come in various ports from vga, dvi, hdmi and then the mini-display port as well as the display port.  Everyone wants higher resolution and images that don’t distort, which includes higher refresh rates.  DisplayPort 1.3 has arrived to drive the 4k at 60hz.  DisplayPort 1.3 standard increases the maximum bandwidth up to 32.4GBPS from what it was at 21.6 GBPS.  This will also allow users to run 5k monitors over a single DisplayPort cable.  Dell is leading the way for this technology and we’re told we’ll see the first set monitors with this port sometime in 2015.