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New Digital Law Takes Away Your Privacy When You Die | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

social-mediaAfter you pass away what do you think should happen to your personal emails, chats, photos, and social media sites? Would you be ok with that information being released to a fiduciary who is granted authority over your digital accounts? The “Fiduciary Access to Digital Access and Digital Accounts Act” was recently signed into law in Delaware putting your online personal information in the hands of a stranger with full access to your accounts.  Yahoo stated that this new act violates the initial agreement their users agree to when starting their services with them. Yahoo’s terms of service state that they will delete the account when provided with a valid death certificate. They do not give access to anyone other than the account holder once they have passed. Facebook agreed with Yahoo’s concerns and state that the offer the “memorialization” feature that allows the deceased Facebook to stay up but doesn’t allow anyone to access or change the account. For more information on this blog click on this link.