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Are you Considering A Chromebook? | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

chromebookAre you considering getting a Chromebook?  Do you know what chromebook is?  The chromebook is Google’s aim at bringing computing to the masses without all the bulk or high-end price.  It runs Chromes OS and relies primarily on the cloud to store data and applications.  You are essentially using the Chrome Web browser to perform most of your actions so having an internet connection is generally necessary, though there are some offline functions that can be performed.  Chromebooks usually come with a small ssd drive and low processing power because it relies on the internet to do most of its functions.  You’ll have to setup a Google account, you’ll have access to the google apps, and you will have the ability to change the wallpaper.  They keyboard on the chromebook is different than a traditional pc so that will take time to get used to the various keys that do things you’re not used to, on top of new keys, some of the standard keys such as the HOME, END, Page UP, ect are missing, or accessed with function keys.  Chromebooks are cleaner by some standards as it can only do so much.  If you’re looking to just browse the internet, email, and use online apps this could be the machine for you.