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Mac computers in your business| BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

Mac ComputerRecently there has a been a growing trend in businesses for end-users to use Mac computers as their primary computing needs.  At one time software compatibility was a major issue, however because many applications are delivered via the web or mobile app this issue is slowly going away.  Cost is another issue, as Mac products tend to be twice as expensive as Windows products, but because of the hardware/software and operating system platforms, the cost of maintaining a Mac versus a PC makes it more cost efficient to support Macs.  Managing Mac’s also was a major problem, but there are lots of software products out today that allow management of both windows and mac pc’s. Security, I know there are rumors that Mac’s don’t get viruses, they do, however the native security features in Mac are far more superior to Windows.  When it comes to MAC in the work environment many businesses are finding it easy for their staff to work productively.