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The iPhone 5s vs Samsung 5 | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

iPhone5svs.Samsung5The two top smartphones are the iPhone 5s and the Samsung 5. You’ll find there are hard core Apple users and hard core Android users. When pinned head to head here are the facts:

1 – Screen size: iPhone 5s 4inches vs Samsung 5 at 5.1 inches
2 – Camera: iPhone 8megs vs Samsung 5 at 16megs
3 – Operating System: iPhone has the iOS7 and the Samsun has the Android 4.4 Kit Kat
4 – Battery: both get about a day for data and talk time
5 – Connectivity: both have LTE

Going head to head the end result is what the user likes the most as far as ease of use and application. I am a long time iPhone user. I like the ease of use. I like when there is an update things are still generally the same. I like that even though things get faster and better the overall use is the same. I have touched the Samsung and it’s a robust piece of hardware with A LOT to offer. The tools and the gadgets that come with the Samsung are very impressive. If you are technical then going with a Samsung is a good way to go, I always tell users if they aren’t technical stick to the iPhone for its ease of use, doesn’t mean it’s lacking as there is A LOT you can do with an iPhone, but it’s amazing for both the non-technical and the technical.