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TelyHD Pro-Video Conferencing| BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

Video conferencing used to be for big corporations only, but the technology has been working its way into the mainstream for years now.  Advances in internet access speeds, increases in transportation costs, and increased availability of conferencing products have all contributed to video conferencing technologies becoming more prevalent.

If you use a personal video conferencing solution like Skype or Google Hangouts, you’ve probably learned more than you wanted to about troubleshooting.  From glitchy computers to intermittent internet problems, there are plenty of issues out there to deal with.  This is usually acceptable when you’re trying to initiate a call with Aunt Ethel, but takes on a more ominous tone when you’re responsible for the first call with a new client and the executive board is waiting on you.

A new product from TelyLabs ( called the telyHD Pro promises to simplify video conferencing for us “little people”.  It is a packaged solution that provides a hardware device you connect to your HD television.  The device itself can connect to your wired or wireless network and gives you simple menus to manage your video conferencing needs.  The proprietary interface is designed to be functional, yet easy to use, and allow you access to the benefits of video conferencing…without the headaches and false-starts.

Products like the telyHD represent an intriguing progression for many of us who have been around long enough to remember when video conferencing was a tool exclusive to corporate titans.  Today, the technology is arriving at a place where the average, small business can leverage it to grow their company and become corporate titans themselves!