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Just when you thought you had flat-panel computer monitors figured out, along comes the next big thing; flexible OLED displays.

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology is not exactly new, it was first observed and studied in the early 1950’s at a French university.  Advancements in technology since then have driven the use of OLED in displays for computer monitors, smart phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, and televisions.

So, another type of monitor is gearing up for stardom, why should you care?  Just as the transition from bulky CRT monitors to flat-panel, LCD monitors was a revolution for most of us, the transition to OLED will bring about noticeable change.  Imagine a tablet PC you can roll up like a newspaper, a lightweight and portable computer monitor that easily fits into your laptop bag, or a smart phone with a secondary screen that is much bigger than today’s average.

OLED screens are lighter, thinner, offer better picture quality, and use less power than the LED monitors and televisions on the market today.  As the technology progresses, you can expect to see monitors and televisions that blend into your environment rather than standing out.  Prices for new technology are always at a premium, and this holds true with OLED.  A 55” LG television with OLED display is currently a little over $4000 on Amazon.

Over the next couple of years, prices should come down to a point where OLED televisions and monitors will begin the transition into everyday life.  Whether you’re interested today or not, you will soon benefit from this emerging technology!