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Microsoft Windows Server 2003-The End Is Near

Microsoft has issued caution to server administrators around the globe.  Windows Server 2003 is fast approaching its end of life for support from Microsoft.  Although the server Operating System will continue to function as it has, Microsoft will no longer be issuing new security patches when issues are discovered.

“If new issues do happen to be found, the only way to receive additional updates will be through a custom support agreement,” said Brad Anderson of Microsoft in an announcement.

Microsoft published a YouTube video that informs server administrators that all physical and virtual instances of Windows Server 2003 will be vulnerable to any and all new security threats.

Aside from the security concerns, businesses will be forced to upgrade their server platforms due to compliance issues.  Regular security audits are a common device that keeps organizations up to date with the latest security and best practices for operating server hardware and software.

Since it first was released 11 years ago, Windows Server 2003 has since been superceded by Windows Server 2008 and, more recently, Server 2012.  Regardless, Server 2003 continues to have a strong presence in the IT infrastructure.  Organizations that continue to operate Server 2003 will being to fail security audits.