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iCloud Storage That Goes Where You Go – iCloud for Music, Photos, and Documents | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT

iCloudIf you’re an apple product owner then iCloud is a must for you.  iCloud allows you to access all your music, photos, and documents from whatever apple device you are on, as well as over the internet.  If you own a iPhone something you should consider is sharing your iCloud credentials with your significant other.  My husband and I use one account for all our apple products so we’re not paying twice for the apps we both will use or books we’ll both read.  You can also backup all your devices using iCloud which makes restores a breeze.  You can also share what you want with those you want simple and easy.  If you misplace your device you can easily find it, or wipe it if you need to.  If you’re not already using this, you should check it out at