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iPhone – Things you didn’t know you could do

There are Android users and there are iPhone users.  I’m an iPhone user and if you’re like me, you use your phone for a lot of different uses, but did you know you could do these iPhone tricks?

  1.  Put your phone in Airplane mode to charge faster
  2.  If you have the Apple headphones, you can use the center button to snap pictures
  3.  You can take pictures with the “up” volume button
  4.  When taking photos, you can hold the capture button to go into burst mode and take a series of photos
  5.  Caps Lock, if you double-tap the shift button you will turn on Caps Lock
  6.  Calendar, if you want to see more detail, turn your phone to landscape position and you’ll see more
  7.  Undo text, simply shake your phone
  8.  Text timestamps, just touch and drag the text bubble and you can see the time stamps