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HyBrid Solid State Drives (SSHD)

Regular hard drives have spinning disk while solid state drives have no moving parts.  A Hybrid Drive uses moving parts the say way a traditional sata drives does, but it combines a NAND flash memory into the hard drive.  This is done to give you speed as well storage space that is expensive to get from an actual Solid State Drive.  The hybrid drive won’t beat the SSD in speed, however it will come close, and definitely boost your speed in comparison to a traditional hard drive and give you the space you need to store data.  Hybrid drives do spin less than traditional hard drives and therefore the parts move less, because it has less moving parts it should also last longer than traditional drives.  Hybrids have a memory manager in the hard drive that identifies what data and files are used most frequently and store it in the flash memory, it basically learns what is used frequently so those items open faster, so a hybrid drive learns what you are doing and subsequent boot times and file access time will shorten.