Your smartphone may be dumping Gorilla Glass for Sapphire Glass?

Currently sapphire is the second hardest material behind that of a diamond and is currently used in certain military armor. If some sapphire creating startups have their way, they will be able to make it cheap enough to put into many other products, such as tablets, smartphones, and TVs. Really the uses are endless. This material is a little weaker than a diamond but it is much cheaper and abundant than that of diamonds.

Sapphire is a transparent, crystalline form of aluminum oxide that is extraordinarily hard, scratch-resistant, a melting point of 2,030C, and almost completely impermeable and impervious to caustic chemicals. Essentially 10 times more scratch resistant than glass used in windows.

Although sapphire costs about $30 compared to the $3 Gorilla Glass costs for you iPhone per say, but it will also prevent us from seeing those shattered iPhones screens that come around every now and again. If they are able to make the stuff cheap enough I say why not, but our smartphones already come at a pretty penny and I would hate to see that go up even more but I guess the costs of staying on the cutting edge might be well worth it.

Check out the vid…


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