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The woes of Office 2013 installation

So I guess this a little venting process that I need to go through with Office 2013. First off, I can’t help but say it, it’s ugly as sin. The color options of all white, light grey, or dark grey is quite disappointing. One would think that they wouldn’t make something that is so dull and bland. The functionality of the program essentially is the same with a few little additions here and there but it drives me nuts without any color added to it.

The other issue that really drives me up the wall with this is the licensing. When you only need the home and business edition it is really dreadful. You essentially have to register each of your copies to an account and when you have multiple home and business copies it becomes less than fun. See when you add it to your portal, it does not give you any indication as to what computer it is installed on. It simply gives you the name with a number beside it and continues to increment when you put a new copy in. that’s fine until you need to reinstall or if it has been a while since you’ve done it. You forget. Then when you try to activate it will tell you it’s already activated and you will either have to reinstall or call Microsoft and go through the telephone activation process. The change product key from office 2010 is no longer available and it’s quite frustrating.

Initially when they required you to stream it down from the website was an atrocious idea as well. If you have a customer with a slow internet connection it takes forever. Recently I had a customer running off a T1 and they required 5 new PCs to be setup in my visit which was about 4 hours. There was no way I could stream 5 copies off office over that kind of pipe.

I apologize for the ranting but these things have been driving me crazy about the new office install.

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