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Self-healing, self-monitoring chip

A group of Caltech researches have been able to create an integrated circuit which is able to repair itself if it sustains significant damage. The specifics on how this is accomplished is as follows. There is a secondary processor that will spring into action and determine the best course of action in order to finish the task at hand. In addition to a second processor, the chip consists of roughly 100,000 transistors and sensors to be able to diagnose its health status. The group tested the self healing abilities by hitting the chip with a laser and destroying half of the transistors. Reports indicate that it only took a few milliseconds to adjust itself and continue functioning on task. It was also noted that the chip also was able to improve efficiency after the laser blast by reducing power to the remaining transistors.

This has quite a lot of uses in terms of wear and tear items, such as laptops, cell phones, robots, etc… It allows them to be able to take more abuse and continue to keep on functioning. This may also prove beneficial as more technology gets taken into war zones and battle fields. Devices will be able to take the abuse more adequately.

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