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OS X 10.9 Expected in June

It has been an odd year for Apple. The year is about a third over and there have been no major announcements from them. But with Apple’s worldwide developer’s conference coming up in two months, rumors are starting to trickle out. The current rumors are Mac OS X 10.9. It is said to come with better multi-monitor support, and a tabbed interface for finder. It is even rumored that the web browser has been rebuilt. This doesn’t appear that it is going to be a major update but more of an optimization to the current systems. Apple has always done a great job of keeping the interface and everything else the same for the most part. They just keep chipping away at making the existing stuff better. That is an approach that possibly Microsoft could take note of with their recent release of windows 8. The iOS interface aesthetics for the most part have remained rather uniform for quite some time, and with a cheap upgrade price people really like it. You should be able to get yours in June/July.

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