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Fiber network that operates at 99.7% speed of light, impressive!

England – University of Southampton researches have been able to produce fiber optic fibers that are capable of data transfer at 99.7% the speed of light as we know it. What kind of data transfer speeds does that equate too? Well roughly 10 Terabytes per second. To put that into perspective, todays current fiber optic speeds are only roughly 40 gigabit per second. With such a dramatic increase, I wonder when I would be able to get this installed at my house. Haha.

How did the researches make this a reality, well their fiber optics are hollow and filled with air. This makes these fibers really fragile and difficult to bend or go around corners. To solve this problem they used a photonic-bandgap rim on the inside of the fiber which enables low loss, and little latency. Currently the researches expect that this will not replace standard fiber anytime soon but for small datacenter applications it would provide an incredible speed boost.

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