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Bypass windows 8 start screen

If you do not like the fact that when you log into windows 8 it automatically goes in the new Metro start screen, you are in luck. I’m going to show you this neat little trick on how to go straight to the desktop by creating a simple windows task.

  1. From your start menu, type schedule, click settings, and open “Scheduled Tasks.” Click Task Scheduler Library from the left pane, Create task on the right pane, and give it a name you will recognize. A simple one would be boot to desktop.
  2. Go into the triggers tab and click New. Select “At log on” from the drop down menu and click ok.
  3. Head over to the actions tab, click New, and type “explorer” into the program/script text box. Click OK again and that it is.

Go ahead and reboot your computer and your machine should now boot straight to the desktop as it always has before.

Good Luck!

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