Windows 8

Windows 8 to Go Tested

Just the other day I thought I would go ahead and test out the windows 8 to go feature that is included with Windows 8 enterprise. I used a USB 2.0 device that had a 128 GB Solid State drive in it and began my work. I initially tried setting it up using the built in gui but soon found that while formatting the drive it would lose its drive letter and then fail. I eventually had to use the command line and the image.exe application from the Windows automated installation kit (AIK). It took about 12 minutes to get the whole thing setup and I was off. When you first plug it in it looks like you are starting your computer for the first time and it sets up the devices. The first time you boot it on a specific machine it does this but the second time it works fine. Once loaded, I was able to load all the applications I need and all drivers were detected as they should. Overall the response and interaction was as if I were sitting at my normal computer.

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