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Windows 8 – Boot Directly to Desktop

One of the most annoying features of Windows 8 is the metro screen. Many users would prefer to simply boot directly to the desktop. There are rumors that the next update to Windows will add this feature back along with possibly the start menu. However until then, there are ways to make your OS boot directly to the desktop.

Use Classic Shell.
1. First of all download and install Classic Shell software using following link:

Download Classic Shell for Windows (http://www.askvg.com/classic-shell-get-classic-start-menu-and-explorer-toolbar-buttons-cut-copy-paste-etc-back-in-windows-vista-and-7/)

2. After installing Classic Shell, open Classic Start Menu Settings window. You can open it either by going to “All Programs -> Classic Shell -> Start Menu Settings” option or by right-clicking on Start button and selecting “Settings” option.

3. Now go to “Windows 8 Settings” tab in Settings window and make sure “Skip Metro screen” option is enabled.

4. That’s it. Apply the changes and restart or log off and get ready to directly boot into Windows 8 Desktop.

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