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VMWare Workstation instead of Creatinga a Dual Boot

Creating a dual boot workstation used to be the norm, however with the introduction of virtual machines its not necessarily the only way to go anymore. If your laptop or pc has enough ram, processors and hard drive space creating a virtual machine is simple and makes multi-tasking simple so you don’t have to reboot if you need to do something in a different Operating System. VM’s can be used either for Windows machine or Mac based machines. I have a client that is heavily Mac based, but with my day to day task at work, working on the Mac platform makes things a little more difficult. It can be done but its not quite as user friendly. I have a Mac that is fairly well spec’d out with an i7 process, 16gb of ram and 256gb SSD drive. I created a Windows VM on the machine and can easily run both OS’s with no slowness at all. That is something you have to keep in mind. If your running an machine with only 2 processors and 2gb of ram, when you installed the VM it will take half of your processing power and ram to run, thus slowing down you working capabilities, at that point, you mind as well dual boot 🙂

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