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Solid State Drives vs Hybrid Drives

In todays computing world everyone is looking for speed. In addition to speed is space, meaning how much space do I have on that hard drive and how fast can it read my data.

Solid State Drives are drives with no moving parts which make it less suspectibale to damage. SSD’s can read data up to 500mb per second compared to regular drives that read at about 200mb per second. The cost of a solid state drives is generally double what you would pay for a regular drive, the advantage again is speed. Boot up times for many of the operating systems is just seconds rather than minutes we have all learned to hate.

We also have Hybrid drives that blend regular hard drive capacity with a bit of SSD speed. This works by by placing traditional rotating platters and a small amount of high-speed flash memory on a single drive. Basically the drive monitors what is accessed the most frequently and basically learns which actions to perform but putting this information in flash memory. Since this is drive learns, that means new data access will perform slower than if you were using just a solid state drive.

So if you can afford it SSD’s really are the way to go for speed and performance. However if you are on a budget, consider a hybrid drive. This will give you a boost in boot up speed and actions that you peform on a regular basis.

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