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Remoting into Your Home Computers

My husband who is a programmer recently asked me how he could remote into his desktop pc when he was sitting in bed working on his laptop. This is a common utility I use whenever I’m working at home on my laptop and use my desktop to store most of my media. Here are the simple steps to do this when your at home and need to reach another pc on your home network:

1 – Enable Remote Desktop: to do this you simply right click on the COMPUTER icon found either on your desktop on from the Start Menu and select Properties.

2 – A window will open, from there click on Advanced System Settings

3 – Click on the Remote tab and under Remote Desktop select the second radio button… All connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)

4 – Select users

5 – Make sure your username is listed and give yourself full access

Now go to the computer you will be using the Remote Desktop Connection client on…

6 – Open up Remote Desktop connection and enter the computer you want to connect to IP address or name.

7 – Enter your username and password. If you not on the same workgroup, please enter the computer name followed by the backslash (geinadgeina where geinad was the computer name and geina was the username).

That’s it!

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