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Photoshop Touch – for iPhone or iPad

In today’s world of smartphones replacing the use of caring a camera it would be also be great to have a tool that can easily manipulate and fix your photos. This tool will give you a bit more features to edit photos, lighten, darken or and filter your photos. Below are some of the features you might find handy.

• Layers: Combine multiple images, adjust layer order, control individual layer opacity, edit layers individually
• Versatile image browsing and acquisition: Select photos from multiple sources (including Facebook, Google Image Search, or iPad camera live feed)
• Sharing through Facebook: Share to Facebook and see comments within Photoshop Touch
• Interactive tutorials: Step by step instructional video tutorials within the app.
• Selection tools: Standard selection tools plus protection selection to protect parts of the image you do not want to edit.
• Photoshop effects and filters: Variety of filters and effects popular in the full version of Photoshop available within app.
• Filter brushes: Add filter effects onto photos only where you want them.
• Edge-aware painting: Auto-detects where paint should stop, eliminating the need for tedious selections.
• Refine Edge: Tool assists in selecting complex photo elements such as hair or fur.
• Tone and color adjustment: Tone and color adjustments can be made to entire images, selections, or individual layers.
• Photoshop compatible file format: Compatible file format for Photoshop CS5 (after plug in download) allows you to move work between your computer and iPad via the Adobe Create Cloud.
• Text: Add text and text effects such as strokes, drop shadows, and fades.

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