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Outlook.com – is it Better than Gmail?

Outlook.com – is it Better than Gmail?
Outlook.com replaced Hotmail. It has a very clean interface, plenty of storage, advertising isn’t as obtrusive as it once was and it’s filled with lots of features. Outlook.com offers more advanced features that Gmail. Is it better? Depends on what you’re looking to do with your email. Below are some of the features in Outlook.com that Gmail does not offer. From there you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the switch for you.
1 – You can Undelete a message in Outlook where you can’t in Gmail.
2 – Blocking unwanted email is quick and easy.
3 – You can sort emails by file size.
4 – Social media integration is offered for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN and Twitter.
5 – Integrated Photo View
6 – Limitless hard drive space.
7 – You can have several alias added to Outlook.com
8 – Outlook.com supports keyboard shortcuts as well as Gmail shortcuts.
9 – You can have folders and category labels in Outlook.com

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