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Office 2013 Features

Office 2013 is full of a variety of new features, some of you are probably wondering why there are so many changes and what can I do with this software? Microsoft added some cool new tricks that I wanted share.

1 – Outlook Charms: You will find these along the margin of Outlook 2013, icons such as email, calendar, contacts and task. If you however any of these you get a peak as what the icons do.

2 – App Home Pages: When you open one of the Office programs you’ll get a screen filled with thumb nails that will represent recent documents and templates you can choose from.

3 – Flash Fill in Excel: Flash fill anticipates your formatting and data requirements and accommodates them on the fly. Basically it learns your patterns.

4 – PDF Reflow in Word: A common tool is formatting documents into PDF’s. In the past you had to have another application do this, Word now does this on the fly for you.

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