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iPad Mini vs iPad 4

If your in the market for an ipad and aren’t sure what to buy, your choice really comes down to what you want to do with it on a daily basis. I have both models. I use the iPad 4 for work as it has a bigger screen and is a bit faster. I have a bluetooth keyboard that I use with it. For work this is an excellant mobile device to remote into computers, write emails and a few other things I do for work. I also have the iPad mini. You may wonder why I have both, well simple, the mini was a birthday present and I mainly use it when I travel, its smaller, fits in my purse easily (that is when I carry a purse) and for reading books (this is what I use it mostly for) it its in they hand nicely. Bottom line, there is a pretty good cost difference so you but in the end you need to decide if it its for work or play. Below are just basic difference that might help you decide.

iPad Mini
1. Cheaper
2. Smaller
3. Works the same as the larger model.
iPad 4
1. Bigger
2. Faster
3. Better display.

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