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Ipad Mini Tips

1. Accents and special characters
Tap and hold on any keyboard letter to bring up accents and other variations.

2. Turn off ‘Sent from my iPad’
By default the iPad mini appends ‘Sent from my iPad’ to the end of your emails. Deactivate this via Mail, Contacts, Calendars in Settings, or tap the Signature option to clear or change the message.

3. Audio equalizer
The iPad mini includes a variety of audio equalizer settings for changing the sound of your music. You can find it on the Music screen in Settings.

4. Take a screenshot
Snap whatever’s on your screen by pressing the Sleep/Wake button and Home button together.

5. Start the countdown
Hidden away in the Clock app is a Timer feature you might not know about — you’ll find it handy whenever you need an accurate countdown.

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