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Googledrive vs Skydrive – Cloud Storage

There are A LOT of cloud storage options available today. How do you pick the one that is right for you? I have tested a variety and have come the conclusion, at least for me that Skydrive and Google Drive are the best on the market.

Skydrive offers your 7GB free storage, where Google drive offers you 5GB. Now Skydrive is a Microsoft application that can link to your Windows Live account which links to your many of your Microsoft apps. Google drive links to your gmail account and integrates well with linking everything to that account.

Skydrive: free space is 7gb, file size limit is 2gb, there are various premium pricing available

Google Drive: 5GB free space, 10GB file size limit, Premium pricing is $60/year for 100GB.

Bottom line, they are both great, just depends on the amount of data you plan to use. Each allows you the capability to share your data with other users.

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