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GMail Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you save time. Gmail has quite a few shortcuts. Some are always on and some you must turn on to be able to use them. Below is a list of the most commonly used shortcuts.

1 – Compose: Press Shift + C to compose a new message in a new window.

2 – Scroll Up & Down: Scroll between messages in your inbox by pressing K and J to access newer and older emails, respectively.

3 – Select a Message: As you’re scrolling through your inbox, select a message by hitting X. From there, you can perform a variety of functions, such as archiving, labeling, etc.

4 – Archive: When you’re in an email, simply press E to archive. If there’s already a label applied, the email will archive into that folder.

5 – Reply and Forward: When viewing an email, hit R to reply, A to reply all, or F to forward.

6 – Delete: To move a message to the trash, type #.

7 – Label or Move: Whether you’re within a message or have selected the message from your inbox, type L to label. A drop-down box of folders will appear. Either select one, or type the folder name to search.

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