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Excel 2013 Features

Excel 2013 features
What’s new in Excel 2013? Below is a quick assessment of some of the new features you will find in Excel 2013.
1 – Complete Smooth – Move between any ranges of cells
2 – Flash Fill Feature – Excel will look for patterns and quickly learn what you are looking for
3 – Timeline Slicers – Allows you to filter pivot tables.
4 – Interactive charts
5 – Create Analytic Pivot Tables much easier
6 – Quick Analysis – Excel will automatically suggest to you what the possible “Data Analysis” is as soon as you select a region of data.
7 – Power View allows you to make quick reports. Basically select your data and choose Insert, Power View.
8 – One of the most robust features of Excel 2013 and Office 2013 in general is the ability to share files and work with other people.

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