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Easy Reinstall – Windows 8

Windows 8 – Easy Reinstall
Reinstalling Windows used to be a pain because you had to find all your cd’s, dvd’s, product keys and whatever backups you have of your software and or data. Simply re-installing and getting operational again could easily take you more than a day. Windows 8 has streamlined the whole process, making it much easier for you, in less time as well.

First go to the Change PC Settings link from the Settings page. Under the General Tab, you’ll find you can “Refresh your PC” or “Remove everything.” Select the first option to restore Windows to its factory setting while leaving your personal documents, files and personalizations intact. If Windows is running sluggishly, or there’s a problem with the OS settings, or something has gone wrong with your hardware/software setup, then this is the choice to go for.

Using the second option performs a full reinstall, clearing out all your files and wiping the hard drive (so you’ll need to make sure you have everything backed up). Use this when you have a serious problem with Windows (such as a virus or a ton of spyware) and want to go back to square one.

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