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Customize the Command Prompt

Are you tired of the boring black and white look of the command prompt? Well change it. Below are simple steps to change the look of your command prompt.

1 – Create the Shortcut by right clicking on the desktop and selecting New | Shortcut Menu
2 – Type “C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe” without the quotes and click NEXT
3 – Name the shortcut “command1” click Finish
4 – After creating your shortcut, right click on the icon and Navigate to the Properties Menu
5 – Select Options – to customize the options, be sure to select QuickEdit mode and Insert mode.
6 – Select the Font tab to customize your font
7 – Select the Layout tab to customize your layout
8 – Select the Colors tab to customize your colors

That’s it. Double click the short cut launch and view what you have created.

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