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iPad Tips

Here are some simple iPad tips you may or may not know about…

Shake Your iPad – Ever wanted to delete a whole sentence or section without having to tap backspace forever? You can do this by simply shaking your iPad. If your in a section where your typing and want to delete some lines or re do something, just shake your iPad and a menu will appear “Undo Typing” or “Redo Typing” just select what you want to do.

Split the Keyboard – If you want to type with just thumbs only you can split the keyboard. Whenever the keyboard comes up, touch both sides with your thumbs ands swipe towards the edges of your iPad with your thumb. It will stay this way until you change it back by simply touching the keyboard with your thumbs again and swiping towards each other.

Type Faster with Double Spaces – Instead of typing a period at the end of each sentence, just double-tap the space bar. It will enter a period followed by a space.

Take a Screenshot – Hold down the both the Home button and the Lock (Power) button, this will snap a screen shot and place the image in your photo in your photos gallery.

Multi-Tasking – Double-click the Home button and you’ll bring up the multi-tasking bar.

Keyboard tricks:
Press and hold the 0 key to get the degree symbol
Press and hold the – (dash) key for different choices of dashes
Press and hold the $ to get different currency symbols
Press and hold the & for a different symbol
Press and hold the period key to get an ellipsis
Press and hold the ? to get the upside down version
Press and hold the ! to get the upside down version
Press and hold the apostrophe for different styles
Press and hold the quotation mark key for different styles.

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