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The App for Families

I am one  of the many parents here at bva and I enjoy seeing apps that are a little more sophisticated then Angry Birds. Alert.us is a recently launched app that helps ease a parents mind regarding their children’s safety.

While their are some other apps on the market geared towards children’s safety, the creators of Alert.us have a different goal in mind, to have kids accept and recommend the app. This is a tough feet considering many kids out there old enough to have a smart phone want anything else but to be tracked by it.

This app’s key feature is the emergency alert system to tell a group of pre-selected list (i.e. family, friends, neighbors) when a child is in need of help. Aside from that it also alerts a parent when the child has reached the house or school via a geofenced alerting function.

Other than the solid safety features it also includes a battery monitoring function along with a family message board which seems like a great idea. Granted my daughter isn’t old enough for me let her go anywhere on her own, I know that phase of parenthood is only a couple of years away. This type of technology does not make up for a parent’s presence but I would feel better if we had this app when the time comes.


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