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Twitter Users Beware…

We here at BVA hate to see this happen but once again hackers have claimed their latest victim and personally I think their theory was “go big or go home” this time around. Twitter’s director  of information security Bob Lord claimed that roughly a quarter of a million “tweeters” out there could have had their information exposed. Such information includes usernames, passwords, email addresses and session passwords.

“We discovered one live attack and were able to shut it down in process moments later,” wrote Lord in his blog post titled “Keeping our users safe”. Emails were also reportedly sent out to the accounts that were affected stating that their passwords were no longer valid and that they had to reset them.

In an another part of Lord’s blog post he mentioned that Twitter did not believe this was the work of amateurs and since other companies were being attacked that they thought it was best to publicize what happened.

On a side note Moxie Marlinspike a white hat hacker who worked for Twitter after they bought his company Whisper Systems mentioned two weeks ago he was leaving Twitter. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but it’s another rumor to put into the mill.

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