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New Microsoft Surface tablets, could the rumors be true?

We love rumors and tech product leaks here at BVA and the newest one we are excited about is the possible Microsoft RT 2 tablet. While Microsoft hasn’t been open about a release date as of yet but it looks like they are trying to make a name for themselves in the tablet market. Rumor has it that they may be coming out with three new products in the Surface family. One is the ‘Microsoft Surface Pro 2’ which will have a user friendly 11.6″ display along with a AMD ‘Temash’ APU. Another product that is stirring around the rumor mill is a 14.6″ ‘Surface Book’ that is a tablet-laptop mutt sort of speak. It will apparently have a next-gen 22nm “Haswell” chip from intel. The third and final new product is a small version to compete against the iPad mini with a 8.6″ display and utilize a Qualcomm chipset rather than the Nvidia’s Tegra 3. Time will tell whether or not these products will be on store shelves. Personally I can’t wait to see what Microsoft have up their sleeves in terms of tablet products.

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