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Setup iCloud

How to setup iCloud on your iPhone

iCloud doesn’t just store your content, it allows you to access your content from all of your apple devices with iCloud setup. This includes music, phones, calendars, contacts and documents.

To set this up on the iphone

1. Make sure you’re running the latest iOS 5
2. Turn on iCloud – you will need an apple ID, this is what you use as a login into your Apple account. To turn on iCloud tap on SETTINGS and select iCLOUD then enter your Apple ID.
3. Customize your settings. You can turn on or off different iCloud Services.
a. You can also get a free iCloud email account
4. Setup up Automatic downloads so your store purchases are automatically downloaded to your various devices.
5. After you complete the initial setup, turn on iCloud on your other apple devices with iCloud (ie: ipad, iphone, ipod, ect…)

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