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How Important is the Internet to Your Business???

“How Important is your Internet Speed to your business and productivity of your employees”

Recent trends in technology in the workplace find employees spending 50% or more of their time on the internet. Whether its research, Facebook, Twitter, online purchases or email, the internet is a vital role to every business.

In working with my clients I have found that many don’t realize that the speed they have become so accustomed to is costing them productivity as they wait for pages to load or email to download. In the past a T1 or a 1.5MB download speed was considered blazing fast. However technology and the internet have come a long way and we’re now seeing speeds of 80mb or more being available. Of course it depends on your location and what can be provided to you, but T1’s are fast becoming old school, and cable speeds the trend. In an office with as little as 5 people sharing a T1 line, pages load so slow that you have time to get up and grab a cup of coffee before your page has finished loading, OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little (just a little). Now think if you need to download a 4mb file where it might take you 10 minutes or more on a T1 line it could take you just 30 seconds with an internet speed of 25mb download.

When your start pricing internet speeds make sure you gather all the facts, the difference between cable, dsl, T1’s, bonded T1’s, copper bonded and even satellite internet providers. You also want to know about their downtime trends are and what reasons they have for downtime. Is it someone cutting a line when they are fixing something, the weather blowing too hard??? If your business depends on the internet to transit and received data you want to make sure you find the most reliable solution that best fits your needs. Contact your IT department and have them review your service and see if your truly getting what your paying for.

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