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Bins – Folders for the taskbar.

When users work on their workstations, some have trouble keeping the clutter off the desktop, some keep an icon for every application on their machine in their taskbar dock. 1UP Industries has developed a new solution called Bins that’s provides folders for the task bar. The cost of the solution is $4.99 and here’s some more information on the product:

Restore sanity to your Windows 7 taskbar

Combine related icons on your Windows 7 taskbar with Bins™.
Reduce clutter, and get at your programs quickly.
Super easy

Create a Bins container by dragging one taskbar icon on top of another, and dropping into the bubble that appears. Ungroup icons by dragging the icon back to the taskbar. No need to open a settings screen; Bins is simple and intuitive.
Instantly accessible

Once combined, your icons will appear instantly when you mouse over a group’s icon, for launching or for window-management. Move your mouse away and Bins will tuck back into the taskbar.
Pin files and folders to your taskbar

Want a favorite folder or document more easily on hand? Bins allows you to pin any file or folder to your taskbar natively.
Bins also allows you to add spacers to your taskbar, as well as a fully functional Recycle Bin.

Check out the solution at

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