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Windows 8 First Impressions

I recently downloaded and installed the latest windows operating system Windows 8 consumer preview to give it a test run. Right out of the gate it is visually pleasing and simple to use. It integrates with your Windows Live ID and it gets you setup. You also have the ability to to setup your PC in one of two ways, quick or custom. After that you’re off and running. Overall, it has the look and feel of Windows 7 with the exception of the Metro interface.

Metro Interface:

Although the metro interface is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, I would much rather see this interface strictly for tablets only. I’m not really fond of using for a desktop start menu. Microsoft has done what it does best and that is to change something completely just as everyone gets to know the previous version. I personally think they should just use the metro interface for tablets.

Start Menu:

The start menu is rather odd as well, as if you look, there really is no start menu, visually that is. You have to go all the way to the lower right hand corner in order to access it, which may be confusing to some end users. There is also a nice little option in the upper left hand corner to switch between recent open windows.

More to Come:

As of right now this is about as far as I have ventured and will explore more later. I want to test the restore functionality as well as get more acquainted with where everything is at. Stay tuned.

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