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Apple TV: Oh the Possibilities…

I have used the Apple TV appliance for a little over a year now and just recently found some cool features to use it with my iPhone and two very neat applications. First of all for those of you who don’t know what the Apple TV is, its a small box that you can connect to your TV and by either wifi or ethernet cable access movies, netflix, music, and whats really cool your iTunes library when you turn on Home Sharing. You connect the device to your TV via HDMI cable, the streaming video quality is amazing.

The AppleTV retails for $99. If you have a Netflix subscription you can access it via this device as well. It comes with a remote that is simple to use, please that if you have a MacBook, the remote works on that as well, I found this out when I trying to browse through netflix and it kept playing music on my itunes that was my MacBook Pro.

Now onto the apps…
On my iphone I have an app called AirVideo, up until recently I had only used it to convert my .avi videos so that I can play them on my iPad. One of the coolest features of AirVideo is the ability to stream your video from your computer on your iPhone or iPad, and now I can play it on my Apple TV as well. My videos are stored on my pc in my home office computer and with just a couple of taps on the iPhone its streaming on my TV!

Another cool app is called Remote, this app allows you to control your AppleTV on your iPhone or iPad and thus allows you to stream content ie: pictures, videos or simply control your AppleTV when your playing movies from Netflix.

Put all three together and you’ve got an amazing way to stream videos! I have two AppleTV devices, one in my main media room and one in my bedroom.

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